My StoRY

Brooklyn The Dog

My parents found me at a dog shelter when I was 3 months old. When they entered the area where I was with all the other dogs, everyone was jumping all over them, but since I was the smallest one it was harder for me to get to them. So I had to fight 5 big dogs to make my way to them. Even though I was the smallest, I managed to get up every time a bigger dog got me down. My parents noticed me and thought that I was special and called me “Brooklyn” because I was a little gangster. Originally, they came to that shelter to get a big male dog, but with my determination I convinced them to go back home with the smallest female dog in the whole shelter, ME. Training me wasn’t an easy task. I am truly a rebel. But having a training that got me to stimulate my brain was game changing. Now my parents say that they can talk to me like they talk to a human. But it required discipline, determination and especially some of the material in my ultimate list of dog training resources that I highly advise you to check if you’re serious about turning your dog from a little monster to an obedient, smart and well-behaved dog.

My Journey

That was the day these 2 strangers came and picked me from the shelter.

I was so small, I could use a pillow as my bed to sleep at night.

I had so many troubles: Skin problems, feet problems. Had to go to the vet all the time.

My parents were struggling to train me. I was very  stubborn and defiant. So I found Adrienne’s Dog Training System for them.

I started going out and letting everyone in the neighborhood know that I’m the new kid in the block!

Started doing that cool stuff for the Gram! I didn’t even know these views be beautiful like that!

Then I met Kiki, my brother from another mother. Half street dog, half family dog.

Then I brought Kiki home to meet the parents and chill!

When Kiki and I are around, it’s trouble! You know how we do!

After all that Kiki trouble, I had to take me a big nap while the birds were singing.

Then I went downstairs to chill a bit on the pool and relax!

When you’re waiting for that 6pm sunset on the beach with the girls!

OK, enough playing. Let’s hit the road. I need me some vacation time!

Started biking and hitting the road hard! All that smell in the air was priceless!

Just chillin by the beach and having that wave sound in the background!

Me posing for the Gram! Don’t judge me!

Enjoying the view!

Coconut life!

Then Corona hit, so I had to go get me some mask!

Me teaching Bella about social distancing. It’s not what it used to be!

Me watching the Tiger King series on Netflix and laughing my ass off while being confined

Then I got me a life coach to help me go through all of that corona stuff.

She gave me some valuable advice. So I started looking for business ideas.

That’s how I became an influencer. Somebody gotta motivate all the doggies out there!

Now that the passive income was rolling, I could go back to chilling!

Back to chilling and getting tanned by the pool. You know how I do 😉

Getting some perspective and reflecting on my next projects!

Dog Training Resources

Your dog is a smart and obedient animal that needs your love, care, and guidance to reach its potential. There are many resources out there to help you find the right techniques for training your dog as well as products that may come in handy. I have listed the ones that have been the most helpful along my journey so that you can turn your dog into an obedient, smart and well-behaved pet that brings joy into your life.